The Authorised Representative of the Contractor shall ensure that all sections of the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM and ONLINE ASSESSMENT MATRIX have been completed accurately by the member of staff directly responsible for the management of spill response personnel and their spill response operations.

There are various modules which can be applied for covering eight different environmental modules. These modules are:

1. Standards Compliance and Basic Spill Responder
2. Freshwater/Inland water Spills
3. Ground Water Spills
4. Tanker Rollover/Product Uplift
5. Marine Oil Spills
a) Ports, Harbours, Shoreline
b) Offshore
6. Marine Hazardous and Noxious Substances (HNS) Spills (Ship Sourced)
7. Onshore Chemical Spills (Land Sourced Hazmat/CBRN) (In Development)
8. Contaminated Soils


For contractors wishing to offer a Tier 2 OPRC service to Ports & Harbours, accreditation will be assessed on the contractor’s capabilities and the size and complexity of the harbour(s) to be covered. The Scheme Assessor will determine in conjunction with the contractor (and if necessary the MCA) the level of accreditation to be given. All contractors wishing to apply for this level of accreditation must apply for Marine and if successful will be classified for work in:

Small Port
Medium Port
Large Port


The UK Spill Contractors Accreditation Scheme is principally designed for oil spill contractors, however a Hazmat/HNS Response accreditation module is currently being developed for the scheme.

Where a contractor relies on part time employees to operate remotely held equipment the contractor can only be accredited for the remote base provided an agreement or agreements covering the use of such trained personnel can be evidenced. Should these agreements cease to operate the accreditation for that base would automatically be terminated.

Where a contractor provides manpower for the operation of a third party’s equipment, the contractor can be accredited provided an agreement can be evidenced between the equipment provider and the contractor. Should that agreement subsequently be ended, the accreditation granted based on that equipment would automatically be terminated.

Details of any regular sub-contractors used must be provided. It should be noted that the Applicant’s quality procedures and insurance liability must cover the sub-contractor. If accreditation is to be granted any sub-contractor intending to deal on its own account with spills should also be accredited. Under normal circumstances the use of non-accredited subcontractors for spill response operations is not acceptable.

All information submitted will be treated in confidence.

If accredited under the scheme, the Agencies may contact the contractor for services in the event of a spillage, or pass on their name, address and telephone/fax numbers to any third party seeking such services.

The annual fee payable by Accredited Contractors includes entitlement to Basic level Membership of the UK Spill Association. Details of the benefits can be found on the Join page/Rules of the Association on This entitlement is subject to approval by UKSpill, and may be withdrawn at any time.

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