On successful completion of the ON LINE Accreditation process, and payment of an annual fee, the Contractor will be awarded with a certificate valid for 12 months, which will be renewed provided the Contractor remains in compliance through ANNUAL RENEWAL of the ONLINE Accreditation process, providing access to Spills and or exercise, monthly Spill Reporting to the Scheme and payment of annual fee. The Contractor will then be listed on the Accreditation Scheme website.

Each year, from award of Accreditation certification, the Accredited Contractor will be required to go through an ONLINE Re-accreditation process, which involves review and update of the Matrix. At the end of the annual Accreditation period, a company is allowed 3 months grace to Re Accredit. If the company fails to do so, it will be suspended.

The listing of Accredited Contractors on the site may be used by the Agencies in selecting and recommending contractors for spill response requirements.

Accredited Contractors will be issued with media to enable them to promote/advertise their Accreditation.

Upgrade Procedure

Contractors can ask at any time for their accreditation level to be reviewed. Similarly any of the Regulators can, at their own expense, carry out an inspection which may result in the accreditation level being lowered or removed. A spill site visit may also result in accreditation being lowered or removed. However, it should be noted that the object of the spill site visit is to help contractors maintain or improve their accreditation levels and assistance will be given as appropriate to achieve this by the Scheme Assessor.

The Regulators may carry out inspections of spills, and are not required to give any warning that an inspection is to be carried out, but they will provide the Contractor and the Scheme Assessor with a copy of any resulting request for accreditation levels to be amended.

A contractor wishing to increase their level of accreditation may apply to do so at any time but will be charged a fee of £250 irrespective of whether the upgrade application is successful.

Spill or Exercise Site Visits

In addition to the initial accreditation visit to the contractor’s premises by the Independent Assessor there is a requirement for ongoing spill site visits to be carried out. The current requirement is for ONE SPILL SITE VISIT or EXERCISE per accredited MODULE to be carried out during a three year period.

For ports and harbour spills, such spills do not take place on a regular basis and therefore a spill exercise may be substituted for an actual spill.

The contractor is required to notify the Assessor when a spill site visit or exercise can be made giving, if possible, at least 24 hours notice. The Scheme Assessor may be accompanied by an officer from the relevant Agency on any site visits made.

If the number of required spill site visits in the relevant discipline have not been carried out before Re-accreditation becomes due, Re-accreditation in that discipline cannot be considered until a spill site or exercise is visited/carried out, and Accreditation will be suspended. Further spill visits will then be needed to cover the requirements of Re-accreditation.








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