Spill Site Reports

A copy of a spill visit or site report may be sent in confidence to the nominated representative of the relevant Regulator, if requested. Should the contractor disagree with any aspect of the report they may put their comments in writing, a copy of which will also be sent to the Regulator.

Appeal Procedure

If a Contractor fails to meet the Accreditation standard, they will have the opportunity to provide additional information/clarification and have their application reassessed.

Any issues that arise as a result of the contractor’s premises inspection will be conveyed to the contractor in the form of a report outlining the changes that need to occur before accreditation can be considered.

Any disputes regarding the assessment of the contractor’s suitability for a particular level of accreditation will be referred to an independent Assessor for review, and may be referred to the Regulators for comment.

Storage of data

Please note that any information received as a result of an accreditation application and any subsequent accreditation correspondence may be stored electronically on a database held by the Scheme.

Dealing with Complaints

A Complaints procedure will open with receipt of a complaint about an Accredited Responder, by the Scheme Manager. A 4 week period will be allowed for the complaint to be responded to by the Responder, during which time their Accredited status will be unchanged. The Scheme Manager will instruct the Scheme Assessor to contact the Responder for an initial investigation, and will submit a report to the Scheme Manager within the 4 week period. In the event that the Responder is found to be in compliance with the requirements of their accreditation by the Assessor, no further action is necessary. If a) the Responder is found not to be in compliance with the Scheme after the initial investigation and is unable to correct this within the initial 4 week period, their status will be put to pending and the Responder will have a further 2 months to rectify compliance, b) if the Responder fails to reach compliance within the 2 months, the status will then go to suspended, and c) if a suspended Responder wishes to re accredit, after the 3 months, they will be required to re apply.

Complaints appeals procedure.

If a contractor is not satisfied with the results following a complaint, the contractor may appeal in writing to Scheme, who will refer this to the Steering Committee for a review.







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