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This page describes the procedures followed within the Accreditation Scheme by both Applicants and Assessor. The procedure includes the completion by the applicant of the initial On Line Application Form and submission of a completed Pre-Qualification Questionnaire, which will be used by The Assessor to evaluate your capability, can be found by clicking here. This information is designed to supply the Scheme Assessor with sufficient information on the applicant’s capability as an oil spill contractor for Accreditation purposes.

After checking information submitted in the Matrix, a visit will to be made by the Scheme Assessor to the applicant’s premises to verify the information submitted by the Contractor to complete the accreditation process. On payment of the annual fee, the new Accredited Contractor will be issued with a certificate valid for 12 months, and will be listed on the website.

PROVIDED the Accredited Contractor remains in compliance with the conditions of the Scheme, which includes spill inspections, and monthly reporting of spills, the listing of STATUS will be maintained on the Spillonline website.

To maintain approved status an Accredited Contractor is required to have a spill site inspection, or exercise in each accredited discipline within the 3 year period. If an accredited company fails to comply, accreditation status will be suspended until inspections or exercise have been carried out.

The Accredited Contractor will be given 3 months notice of expiry of accreditation, and be required to complete re-accreditation, including payment within this time. If the contractor fails to re accredit within these time limits, the contractor accreditation status will be suspended


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